Essential Fuel. Optimal Nutrition.


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Frantically we scurry around town looking for Premier Fuel for our son’s COBRA MACHINE!! It’s a National Motocross Race and we really want to have the Best!! We need a MACHINE that Functions at the HIGHEST Level!

Suddenly, I realize that all I had had for breakfast was coffee…
NO time to eat!

Sound familiar? Do you ever get to busy and forget about good nutrition and hydration for your body?
I start feeling tired, low energy, dehydrated, irritable, less social, and my thought process really slows down.
Quickly, I start remembering my past and the poor choices I made in nutrition…and ultimately the way it made me feel.

How funny was it that this COBRA MACHINE reminded me about PREMIER FUEL!
Suddenly, I remembered some gentle ideas that had made a difference in MY LIFE!… In MY PERFORMANCE!… In MY STATE of BEING!


1.) Whenever you put something in your mouth, think…. “Is this PREMIER FUEL for MY Body”?
2.) Pay VERY close attention to how different foods and fluids make YOU f__e__e__L!
3.) Fill yourself with an ABUNDANCE of BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY and CLEAN energy fuel!
4.) Honor what your body needs and be truthful.
5.) If the truth is ice cream, hamburger, nachos…honor that choice and enjoy! The next bite is a new choice! BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF!
5.) Open your mind to new possibilities that may just make you FEEL BETTER! For me, Weight Watchers taught me soooo much about a balanced diet! Figure out what works for YOU!
6.) ENJOY foods, fluids, and fresh air!! They are essential to optimal functioning!
7.) Hydrate yourself with refreshing pure water. Continue to enjoy how you f__e__e__l! Likely, if you think you are drinking enough…You’re Not! 8 glasses a day!?
8.) Move your body! It Feels GREAT!! Try to do one little thing extra a day!
9.) Allow for DEEP RELAXING sleep! RECHARGE YOUR ENGINE!!! Truthfully, are you getting enough? Or, too much!?
10.) When Driving YOUR MACHINE, SMELL and SEE the DIVINE BEAUTY of ALL!! Including YOU!!

Just for today…
Choose to F__E__E__L GREAT!!
Choose to fuel YOUR body with PREMIER FUEL!!
Choose to make a difference in YOUR LIFE!
YOU deserve it!!

Many blessing to COBRA MOTORCYCLES ( and those associated including their photographer!
Many blessing to Weight Watchers ( and those associated!
Many blessings to ALL!
With love, bmj

(*This post, words, and advice is not intended in any way to replace medical advice from your physician. Please refer to your physician for individualized care.)

Nickelback- “If Today Was Your Last Day”

Song- “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback (Copyright infringement not intended)

Give yourself a Gift for Thanksgiving!  Listen to this Entire Song!! 4 minutes and 8 seconds…and Read on!!

At 32 years old, my cousin’s brother-in-law died in her home.  At 34 years her husband died in her home.

Like a true Angel, she cared for both of them daily with love and compassion until their death. I realized the beauty of who she is throughout this entire process.  She is truly one of the most inspirational women I know!  When I asked her about her “hardships”, she replied:  “Hardships? No, I wouldn’t even say their deaths were hardships…Just part of my life’s Journey…Life’s Journey is a road we must all go down. You will go on dirt roads, winding roads, smooth roads, bumpy roads…Each road will bring you a lesson, love, laughter, heartache and healing if we are lucky”.  She amazes me of the love, generosity, and acts of kindness that she constantly shares despite “her journey”.

Katie Hildebrand, I am honored to publish your words of wisdom during this beautiful celebration of Thanksgiving!

“Why do we feel possessions should make who we are? Why do we have to have new cars that we can’t afford, but get because it’s new and flashy? Why do we have homes we can’t afford, but have because it’s bigger and better? Why do we feel we need manicured nails and highlights in our hair, but can’t diaper our babies? Why do we have to have “the newest” cell phones, when the last one worked just fine? Do we feel all these impress each other?? How did life end up a big competition??

How about this….

How about getting your family together and going through your home and collecting unused items such as, old clothes, blankets, coats, toys, etc. Take your family and donate to a local shelter.

Or tie back that highlighted hair and find a soup kitchen to volunteer at?

At the end if your life, do you think you’ll be remembered for your tinted windows or badass stereo system in your car?? Probably not!

This is the season of giving. If you’ve never done anything to pay it forward, please do. Promise, if you break a nail helping someone, you won’t regret it!”

Just for Today…Really think about how you want to live your life. Be mindful and truly grateful for your many blessings. Including the blessing of YOU!

Just for Today…Gently take focus off yourself, your phone, and other distractions and give a brief moment of your time to another. Maybe just listening, being more in the moment, opening a door for someone, smiling, giving a gentle touch, looking someone in the eye, or noticing some small way you can help.

How great would if be if everyone just took a brief moment of their time help another. 0+0=0, 1+0=1, 1+1+1=1=4, 1+1+eternity= you tell me!!

Just for Today…Continue to enjoy the TRUE BEAUTY of ALL!!! The TRUE BEAUTY of YOU!!!

When one fills their life with gratitude and giving, there seems to be less space for suffering.

Willie Nelson once said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around”.

What are your blessings? What are you thankful for?  What blessings do you have that you may not have realized?

I once was told by a wise teacher to ask this question everyday when I wake up…
“What can I do for you Universe?”…but Really, Really say it with Pure, Loving intent.
“What______ can______ I______ do______ for______ You______Universe?”

So, “If Today Was Your Last Day”…would you live differently? The same? Or A combination of both???

May you truly feel and know your blessings…
May you genuinely realize the essence of your true beauty…
May you give gratitude for this beauty…
May you continue to be mindful of small acts of kindness…
May the size of your gift not matter, but the love and intent behind…
May you accept and enjoy the gifts that are intended for you…
May you choose to live today like it was your last!!!

Many thanks and blessings to Katie Hildebrand, Nickelback (and those who helped produce the song “If Today Was Your Last”), Willie Nelson and to ALL!!  Your acts of kindness and time made a difference in MY life!!!

With Much Love and Light, bmj

As Long as It Benefits Even One…

As Long as It Benefits Even One…

Photograph obtained from Diamond Way Buddhism in Canada

Posted on Face book… the day I started my blog page, I read…..

“You keep going. That is the bodhisattva’s way. As long as it benefits even one being you have to, without any sense of discouragement, go on.”— The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa

Earlier this day, I had sat for 2 hours at my computer trying to find the words to say…

“Truly, this blog would be worth it if it merely made a difference in the life of Just ONE Person””…

This blog is a dedication to all those who have made a difference in MY life. To those who helped me through extremely difficult times. For each person, the gesture was as small as a smile, a touch, a helping hand, support, friendship, and love. But, BIG enough to help me change my life and to truly begin to enjoy life in a new way!!

We are like a web of life… interconnected in ways we know and have no way of knowing. For just one act of goodness toward one… trickles exponentially throughout the Universe.

So, just for today… go forward with ANY act of kindness that may just benefit one being!

With Much Love, bmj

Photo: obtained from Diamond Way Buddhism in Canada… thank you sincerely for your blessings… may many more come to you.

Addendum: The original photograph that I saw on Facebook was different, but with the same words. As I wrote this post I was unable to find the photo that I initially viewed. To whoever posted it… I’m sure you know who you are…. Thank you with all my heart for posting it at the exact time that made a difference in my life! May many blessings come to you!

A Blank…White Sheet of Paper

Photograph by Brittany Johnson @

Photograph by Brittany Johnson @

Beep, Beep, Beep… my alarm goes off.  I roll over and push the snooze button…once, twice, and three times!!

Do I have to get up!!??  Yes… I have to get my daughter to school.  I slowly crawl out of bed in all of my glory with messy hair and make-up under my eyes.  I make breakfast and get my daughter ready for school.  Today, I decided to drop her off in my pjs and with messy hair… I just didn’t have the energy to get myself ready.

I pull up to the school drop-off curb and let her out of the car.  I perceive many parents to be dressed nicely, hair brushed, make-up on and happy for the day.  But, is this really true I guess I will never know.  I give my daughter a hug and kiss and send her on her way.  Always saying, “Make a difference, be the best you can be… and enjoy your day!”

Back home I go with my son who is five years old, full of energy and zest for life.  Exhausted from the past week, I ask him if I can sleep for just 1 hour!?  I turn on ABC Mouse, an educational game for kids, and off I go.  I lay in bed… 2 minutes later… “Mommy..can you help me?”, 4 minutes later…”Mommy, I’m hungry”… and on and on as you can imagine!  Our dog keeps coming into our room to “see how I am doing”!  The laundry beeper went off… The phone rang at least 4 times and thoughts of all the things I needed to do ran through my mind.  “Mommy can you please get up?!”

So much for sleep and relaxation!!

So I get our of bed, get him some more food and turn on a TV show.  The house is quiet!….

As I lay in silence, I begin to quiet my mind and become connected again with my breath.  How is it that I have spent the last 5 years of my life learning about peace, optimal health and relaxation; but, ironically, still have moments of sadness, anger, worry and a noisy mind?  How could I be blessed with so many gifts, yet still feel as though I want more?   I feel so guilty for these thoughts knowing that I have a healthy/happy family, a beautiful home, and an amazing job.  But, these feelings are real.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  Or.. is this life… a reality to all?

True, I would love to spend my life in deep spiritual meditation, feeling peace, and love for all… but I have obligations and responsibilities.   I also realize that I was given my body, mind, and spirit as a gift!  A gift to do what??  What are we really supposed to do with our lives?.. Our body?  Our mind?

Some people lay in bed in a state of sadness/depression all day.  Some are extremely successful entrepreneurs.  Some homeless begging for food and shelter.  Some teachers, blue and white collar workers, professional athletes, moms, dads, grandparents.  Some religious… some are not.  Artists, musicians, actors… and the list goes on and on….

But…the most important thing that I have realized is that we all are people, some happy, some sad, some calm, some worried, some constantly wishing they had more and more, some wishing they had less… What I believe is true is that we likely are a combination of all of these identities.

What is your truth? Who are you?  How have you created your life to be?  At your deepest, most honest level of stillness, how would you describe your overall state of peace, happiness, joy, and comfort?

I can assure you that we have the capacity as humans to choose our state of happiness, peace, love and joy.   At any time we have the capacity to change our thoughts immediately… if we choose.  We have the potential to be anything we want to be…if we choose.  We have the potential to have as much or as little as we choose of anything!  We have the ability to create our life as we choose.

So, as I lay in bed, I see a picture… well not really a picture… I see a PURE WHITE sheet of paper.  BLANK … nothing on it, no rules, no boundaries, no edges, no history, no future, no color, no feelings, no emotions, no connections or ties.  Just merely a space that is BLANK, WHITE, PURE, and open to endless possibilities.

Can you imagine your life if you had no boundaries or preconceived notions of who you are or who you are to become?

If you had no boundaries, no preconceived notions, how would you CREATE YOUR LIFE today?  What would be on your paper… what wouldn’t?  What would you do differently if you had no cords, ties or obligations? What makes YOU feel peace, love, joy, and comfort?  How would you create your future, your relationships, your job, your free time?

Breathe your truth!

For YOUR truth will bring more Peace and Love to you… and ultimately this world.  Slowly, gently begin to realize your truth… Feel the white, blank paper simply as it is…. then slowly begin to gently allow loving creations to emerge… as quickly or slowly as you wish.

Take a moment to honestly reflect on your life, who you are, and who you have become.

Are you the person who you want to be?? Or…have you become the person your surroundings created?  Or, a combination of both?

Do you ever feel as though you are going through life and then all of a sudden you have taken a completely different trajectory of your life than you want?  Or a combination?

Or, do you feel your life is exactly the way you want it?

If you think about who your are and where you are in life, I suspect you are a product of your surroundings, your upbringing, your family, your friends, your choices, and your experiences.

You may have ended up becoming who you are based on beliefs of other people. But in the privacy of your own mind… ask yourself… are YOU TRULY HAPPY with who YOU are and the LIFE YOU are living?

So, as I crawl out of bed, I opened my mind to new possibilities.

Ask yourself… Just for today, how am I going to design and create my day? My life?

What I realized was that I had been putting to much emphasis on what I THOUGHT I should be doing rather than what I wanted to do.  I also realized that yes, there are things I need to do to survive … may not want to do them… but, just  try to get them done quickly and enjoy the process.  I learned to shift my attention to the things that are more important to me…  Further, I realize again how important it is to be in the moment , enjoy what I’m doing, and to really see the beauty in all!!

We have the potential to create our day and life as we choose!  How are your going to create your day?  Your life?

When you wake up each morning, gently place your feet and toes on the ground.  Ground yourself.  Take several full, loving and peaceful breaths.  See YOUR PURE WHITE sheet of paper.  What type of Masterpiece are you going to create Today… Tomorrow… and for a Lifetime???

           “When you are in Quietness,  and your image of yourself fades, and your image of the world fades, and your ideas of other fade, what is left?…A Brightness, a Radiant Emptiness that is Simply what your are….”  –Adya Shanti

Always remember:

      “Just for Today… Do not Anger.  Just for Today, Do not Worry.  Honor your Parents, Teachers and Elders.  Earn your Living Honestly.  Show Gratitude to ALL Living Beings.” –Dr. Makao Usui

With Much Love and Light! bmj

Easy Meditation. This Universe– by Singh Kaur


Have you ever heard: “Oh.. everyone should do it! It is so great for you! It has so many benefits! It will change your life!”

So… I sit down, cross my legs, close my eyes and suddenly… I’m meditating and everything is great! My mind calms! I love it! I want more!

Wrong!!! Not for me anyway!

All I remember is everyone telling me how great it is… how it would benefit me!! But in reality, it didn’t seem to benefit me a bit!! I was uncomfortable, thoughts and worries filled my mind! I never wanted to do it again!

Then… one night, I was overwhelmed with worries, thoughts, and responsibilities. I was not enjoying life a bit! I was getting frustrated with my children, my home and my life! I had enough! I asked my husband if he could watch the kids for 15 minutes so I could spend some time alone. As I sat in silence on the floor of my bedroom, I realized that I needed to find another natural way to calm my mind and bring peace and quietness to my heart.

I began searching for songs on my iphone that were relaxing to me. I came across the song, “The Universe” by Singh Kaur… I plugged in my head phones, turned out the lights, laid in bed with my legs uncrossed, and my arms softly along my side. The music began playing.

I quickly noticed thousands of thoughts and tension throughout my entire body. I laid there and thought….”what in the heck am I supposed to do!!?” I guess I should get up and get things done! “No!…. this is my time and I deserve it!” So, I decided to give myself just 15 minutes to relax… let go of everything….just for this brief moment in time!”

I surrendered. I began noticing the beauty of the music. I began noticing my breath. I began to notice tension and calm in different areas of my body. I began noticing thoughts. Tension throughout my body began to soften. I acknowledged my thoughts… but, gave myself permission to let them drift just for this brief moment in time– realizing that I had no intention to solve anything for just 15 minutes! My breath started to become softer and softer, more and more fluid. As I slowly inhaled, I noticed that my breath was starting to calm my entire being. As I exhaled, I noticed tension and worries begin flowing outward— gently, slowly, softly away from me… even more… and even more.

As time passed, the music became more pure, more vibrant, more beautiful, more peaceful. Slowly I noticed the words and how they were intended for all… for me… I noticed myself becoming more and more calm, more and more still. Thoughts began slowing… tension became less… it was almost as I was becoming lighter and lighter…even more and even more…

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and realized what had happened to me. I was at peace. I was calm. It was beautiful. Could this be meditation? 20 minutes had passed. I granted myself permission to close my eyes again and listen to the music again. This time… releasing, relaxing and calming even more.

That night I slept like a baby! I woke in the morning and felt calmer than usual. It was the strangest thing… I still experienced my day and thoughts as usual, but… my baseline of peace, calm, joy and seeing the beauty in all was magnified…by maybe 1%. As time passed, I found myself asking for short periods of time alone…to listen to music, calm my mind, and release worries and tension to the universe. Sometimes I didn’t get anywhere.. and sometimes it became more and more beautiful!

Still to this day…I know a place that I can go that is peaceful, calm, all loving, and ultimately recharges my soul, my life and my spirit!

T.S. Eliot once said, “I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So darkness shall be light, and the stillness the dancing.”

May you give yourself permission for just 15 minutes! Enjoy!! bmj

“Secret of Life” by James Taylor

Song- “Secret of Life” by James Taylor (copyright infringement not intended)

Just for today, Just for this moment in time….

Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel the beauty of your life! Continue to fill your heart, mind, and life with more goodness.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle

Yes, we have struggles and hardship, but if we continue to focus on the good and our blessings, we are able to:
1.) Realize what is real and what isn’t
2.) Calm ourselves easily so we can clearly identify what we need to change
3.) Feel more love and peace
4.) Be able to give more so more comes to us!!
5.) Realize the beauty of our own truth and life!

“When we live in gratitude, we’re open to the dynamic exchange of the Universe.” Deepak Chopra

Enjoy the beauty of life! bmj

Peace for You- “Long Time Sun” by Snatam Kaur

Song- “Long Time Sun” by Snatam Kaur (copyright infringement not intended)

I feel as though I should start this journey by posting one of the most beautiful, uplifting, and all loving songs that I know!!!

Allow yourself to listen to the words without any judgement and just feel the love penetrate your being.

When I first started listening to the song I only allow 10-15% of the feeling of love toward myself in. As I listened more and more, I began to realize that there is 100% pure, universal love for ALL!

It was such an amazing experience for me to allow more and more unconditional peace and love to fill my heart. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself….allow your breath to calm you as you listen to this beautiful song!!!

Thank you Snatam Kaur for your many blessings!