Peace for You- “Long Time Sun” by Snatam Kaur

Song- “Long Time Sun” by Snatam Kaur (copyright infringement not intended)

I feel as though I should start this journey by posting one of the most beautiful, uplifting, and all loving songs that I know!!!

Allow yourself to listen to the words without any judgement and just feel the love penetrate your being.

When I first started listening to the song I only allow 10-15% of the feeling of love toward myself in. As I listened more and more, I began to realize that there is 100% pure, universal love for ALL!

It was such an amazing experience for me to allow more and more unconditional peace and love to fill my heart. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself….allow your breath to calm you as you listen to this beautiful song!!!

Thank you Snatam Kaur for your many blessings!

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