As Long as It Benefits Even One…

As Long as It Benefits Even One…

Photograph obtained from Diamond Way Buddhism in Canada

Posted on Face book… the day I started my blog page, I read…..

“You keep going. That is the bodhisattva’s way. As long as it benefits even one being you have to, without any sense of discouragement, go on.”— The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa

Earlier this day, I had sat for 2 hours at my computer trying to find the words to say…

“Truly, this blog would be worth it if it merely made a difference in the life of Just ONE Person””…

This blog is a dedication to all those who have made a difference in MY life. To those who helped me through extremely difficult times. For each person, the gesture was as small as a smile, a touch, a helping hand, support, friendship, and love. But, BIG enough to help me change my life and to truly begin to enjoy life in a new way!!

We are like a web of life… interconnected in ways we know and have no way of knowing. For just one act of goodness toward one… trickles exponentially throughout the Universe.

So, just for today… go forward with ANY act of kindness that may just benefit one being!

With Much Love, bmj

Photo: obtained from Diamond Way Buddhism in Canada… thank you sincerely for your blessings… may many more come to you.

Addendum: The original photograph that I saw on Facebook was different, but with the same words. As I wrote this post I was unable to find the photo that I initially viewed. To whoever posted it… I’m sure you know who you are…. Thank you with all my heart for posting it at the exact time that made a difference in my life! May many blessings come to you!

2 thoughts on “As Long as It Benefits Even One…

  1. Gaby says:

    You are so right and wise. I am blessed to know you.

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