Nickelback- “If Today Was Your Last Day”

Song- “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback (Copyright infringement not intended)

Give yourself a Gift for Thanksgiving!  Listen to this Entire Song!! 4 minutes and 8 seconds…and Read on!!

At 32 years old, my cousin’s brother-in-law died in her home.  At 34 years her husband died in her home.

Like a true Angel, she cared for both of them daily with love and compassion until their death. I realized the beauty of who she is throughout this entire process.  She is truly one of the most inspirational women I know!  When I asked her about her “hardships”, she replied:  “Hardships? No, I wouldn’t even say their deaths were hardships…Just part of my life’s Journey…Life’s Journey is a road we must all go down. You will go on dirt roads, winding roads, smooth roads, bumpy roads…Each road will bring you a lesson, love, laughter, heartache and healing if we are lucky”.  She amazes me of the love, generosity, and acts of kindness that she constantly shares despite “her journey”.

Katie Hildebrand, I am honored to publish your words of wisdom during this beautiful celebration of Thanksgiving!

“Why do we feel possessions should make who we are? Why do we have to have new cars that we can’t afford, but get because it’s new and flashy? Why do we have homes we can’t afford, but have because it’s bigger and better? Why do we feel we need manicured nails and highlights in our hair, but can’t diaper our babies? Why do we have to have “the newest” cell phones, when the last one worked just fine? Do we feel all these impress each other?? How did life end up a big competition??

How about this….

How about getting your family together and going through your home and collecting unused items such as, old clothes, blankets, coats, toys, etc. Take your family and donate to a local shelter.

Or tie back that highlighted hair and find a soup kitchen to volunteer at?

At the end if your life, do you think you’ll be remembered for your tinted windows or badass stereo system in your car?? Probably not!

This is the season of giving. If you’ve never done anything to pay it forward, please do. Promise, if you break a nail helping someone, you won’t regret it!”

Just for Today…Really think about how you want to live your life. Be mindful and truly grateful for your many blessings. Including the blessing of YOU!

Just for Today…Gently take focus off yourself, your phone, and other distractions and give a brief moment of your time to another. Maybe just listening, being more in the moment, opening a door for someone, smiling, giving a gentle touch, looking someone in the eye, or noticing some small way you can help.

How great would if be if everyone just took a brief moment of their time help another. 0+0=0, 1+0=1, 1+1+1=1=4, 1+1+eternity= you tell me!!

Just for Today…Continue to enjoy the TRUE BEAUTY of ALL!!! The TRUE BEAUTY of YOU!!!

When one fills their life with gratitude and giving, there seems to be less space for suffering.

Willie Nelson once said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around”.

What are your blessings? What are you thankful for?  What blessings do you have that you may not have realized?

I once was told by a wise teacher to ask this question everyday when I wake up…
“What can I do for you Universe?”…but Really, Really say it with Pure, Loving intent.
“What______ can______ I______ do______ for______ You______Universe?”

So, “If Today Was Your Last Day”…would you live differently? The same? Or A combination of both???

May you truly feel and know your blessings…
May you genuinely realize the essence of your true beauty…
May you give gratitude for this beauty…
May you continue to be mindful of small acts of kindness…
May the size of your gift not matter, but the love and intent behind…
May you accept and enjoy the gifts that are intended for you…
May you choose to live today like it was your last!!!

Many thanks and blessings to Katie Hildebrand, Nickelback (and those who helped produce the song “If Today Was Your Last”), Willie Nelson and to ALL!!  Your acts of kindness and time made a difference in MY life!!!

With Much Love and Light, bmj

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