Beat the Holiday Rush! Christmas Inspiration!- “Silent Night” by Sarah McLachlan

Song- “Silent Night” by Sarah McLachlan (no copyright infringement intended)

Expedited shipping for your gifts! Tree Up! Decorations Perfect! Spectacular Lights! House Clean! Laundry done! Holiday Spirit! Joyful! We have it all!!…Ebenezer Scrooge?!

Mommy! Can we please…please…please put up the Christmas tree tonight?!

Tomorrow… Tomorrow! To much going on Today!

But Mommy, it’s almost Christmas! What about our “Elf on the Shelf ®”!! We are going to MISS CHRISTMAS!!

Quickly I replied, “Not Yet!”

I was so exhausted from work (including over time), I felt as though a freight train hit me and left with a miserable cold! Worst of all, I had just told my son, “trials of life usually come in 3s, but ours have come in 19s!!”

Suddenly, I remembered a conversation I had previously this week with a dear friend. She has two older children and was experiencing this Christmas in a beautiful, but different way.

My friend encouraged me to REALLY enjoy the Holiday Season and to GET INTO IT!
Your kids are only young for a VERY, VERY short period of time!

With this thought, I decided to pick up our Christmas decorations from our storage unit. To but it gently… I ended up going to the storage unit 3 times!!! I couldn’t get the lock to open and it was COLD and SNOWY!

Finally, on the third time back to the storage unit, I took my son (6 years old) with me so he could, “HELP” me!

I seriously was about to lose my mind!
OK–“ Just for today do not anger…Just for today do not worry!” NOT Today!
OK—“Enjoy the beauty of the moment… Be in the present!” NOT Today!!
Nothing I had learned seemed to work! I was MISERABLE!!!

With several deep breaths I decided to “ Just be present in the moment… place no judgment on myself… and be OK with being miserable”.

This has to pass…things have to get better…maybe by next week!
Just “BE”.

At that exact moment, I remembered a feeling I had utilized numerous times to help me bring peace to my life.

I was walking though a channel/tunnel of the most amazing state of being, peace, calm, all accepting and pure crystal clear white love. Completely surrounding this channel/tunnel was the most intense state of chaos and unhappiness.

It was as if I placed my hand into the chaos, within seconds, my entire being and body would be flying in a tornado, engulfed!

I would get caught in this chaos and unhappiness until I slowly and gently brought my body, mind and spirit back into this tunnel/channel of peace. I would again be surrounded by peace, calmness, joy, and love.

It was clear to me that it was very easy to toggle back and forth from chaos/unhappiness to peace and love—all that was required of me was belief, intention and desire to be in a space of love.

Everyone has the ability.

Despite my majestic storm, with loving intent, I grabbed a hold of my mind, body and spirit and gently moved from a state of chaos to state peace and love.

Instantly, I noticed myself surrendering to the Universe. The most amazing sense of calmness and peace went throughout my entire being.

In coordination with my son, I placed a flame under the frozen storage lock while he wiggled the lock. With ease, he turned the key!

In the snow, we started dancing and
singing Christmas carols! Christmas was saved!!

As we pulled out of the storage unit, “Silent Night” started to play on the radio. Devine peace and stillness surrounded my being… for this was the song that my grandfather used to sing in German to me as a child during the Holiday Season!

So it is…Just for Today, that I was able to find peace, love and happiness within my own storm!

May you…Just for Today, continue to find your peace, love and happiness within your own storm!

May you…Just for Today, despite life events, continue to realize your ability to control your own thought patterns? As you drift outside the tunnel/channel of peace notice this feeling and gently bring yourself back into the space of peace, love, and happiness.

May you…Just for Today, enjoy the Beauty and Wonder of Children, Family, Friends and Neighbors— EXACTLY the way they are!

May you…Just for Today, Enjoy the Holiday Season!!

May you… Just for Today, Remember and Realize what is important to you and others during the Holiday Season and Always!

Many blessings to all that created “Silent Night”- including to the Late Pastor Joseph Mohr (Lyrics), Franz Xaver Gruber (composer) and Sarah McLachlan (singer).
Many blessings to ALL!
Many blessings to YOU!

With Much Love, bmj.

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