Take TIME to be STILL! — “Somebody’s Angel” by Mandisa

“Somebody’s Angel” by Mandisa (no copyright infringement intended, obtained from utube)

During the Holiday Season have you ever felt expectations of the way you should be, what you should do, or what you should buy??

On Christmas Night, December 25th, at 9 pm have you thought to yourself…It seems I have gotten almost everything done…but, I never took the time to stop and really enjoy the season or the people who surrounded me?

This year, I encourage you to really take time to S–T–O–P and enjoy all that surrounds you.

Find new traditions that make you REALLY enjoy and appreciate life, friends and family.

Keep it SIMPLE!!

Take time to just B–E with people.

Instead of just quickly moving on your way… look someone in the eyes, take time to listen, to laugh, to cry!

Take time to get down on the floor and B–E with your children and animals if you have them. Notice how quickly your ready to get up and get something done. But, grant yourself permission to just B–E still!

Really, be in the moment! Even if it is for just one minute!

Create new traditions that are about people and love!

I can assure you that 10 minutes of our time is worth 100% more than any material gift!

Maybe just one tiny little gesture of kindness for others… a smile, opening of a door, a compliment, helping in any way may be the one thing that helps one change their perspective on life. This takes only 10 seconds; but, really makes a difference in this world if everyone is doing it!!

Enjoy the beauty of the Holiday Season!

Be very gentle with yourself… honor what YOU need during this fast paced Holiday Season. Maybe just take a nap or do anything that is relaxing for YOU!!

Just for Today… Just B–E!

Just for Today… Be S–T–I–L–L!

Just for Today… Get on the ground and play!! Look people in the eyes and enjoy the beauty of them!

Many blessings to all those involved in producing the amazing Christmas movie “Christmas Angel 2012”.

Many blessings to Mandisa and those who helped produce the song “Somebody’s Angel“.

Many blessings to the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Many blessings to ALL!

Many blessings to YOU!   

“A man is but the product of His thoughts.  What He thinks, He becomes.”–Mahatma Gandhi

With Much Love and Light! bmj.

2 thoughts on “Take TIME to be STILL! — “Somebody’s Angel” by Mandisa

  1. Kristi Bangerter says:

    This is sooo beautiful, I had to share it with my mom. I had this same epiphany a few years ago, only I could not put it into words as beautifully as you just did. Thank you, my friend. Merry Christmas

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