Words of Advice Everyone Should Read!

Words that everyone should read!  A strategy to bring more happiness to your life and help remove worry, fear and melancholia.

Photograph by Ordinarymiracleoflife.com

Photograph by Ordinarymiracleoflife.com

Enjoy your day and Spread Love!

Many Blessings and Love to ALL!

👣Moving Forward On Stepping Stones!

💫Many Blessings to deviantART, Image ‘Stepping Stones of Memory’ at http://nwwes.deviantart.com/art/stepping-stones-of-memory-216271485, where image was obtained from!!
💫Many Blessings to Ryan Ferreras!
💫Many Blessings to my dear friend Lane Larkin who has always inspired me- thanks for constantly posting cool things on your face book page!!
💫Many Blessings to ALL!
💫Many Blessings to YOU!

With Much Love, bmj.

Beat the Holiday Rush! Christmas Inspiration!- “Silent Night” by Sarah McLachlan

Song- “Silent Night” by Sarah McLachlan (no copyright infringement intended)

Expedited shipping for your gifts! Tree Up! Decorations Perfect! Spectacular Lights! House Clean! Laundry done! Holiday Spirit! Joyful! We have it all!!…Ebenezer Scrooge?!

Mommy! Can we please…please…please put up the Continue reading