GONE VIRAL!!! National “Lucky Green Day”, October 28. A SINGLE DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

A VERY BAD DAY went “AWESOME” due to the influence of an amazing, heartfelt child!

Inspired by A. Johnson


National Green Lucky Day October 28

National Green Lucky Day
October 28





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Rush, Rush, Rush… Need to get it all done! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry… Need to get somewhere! Nothing is going right!! I’m so tired! I’m so behind! I wish my life was different! I wish I had more! I’m so grumpy!

Suddenly,  my beautiful daughter, full of spirit, energy, and genuine happiness walks up to me wearing GREEN!!!!

“Mommy, today is NATIONAL “LUCKY GREEN DAY!”  “We are starting the day over!”

I was initially confused about my daughter’s purpose and what she was trying to teach me.

Yes, Honey…  GREEN is really LUCKY, Thank you!  I need a lot of “LUCK!” — not even taking time to look into her eyes and being to busy to understand what she was REALLY telling me.

“No Mommy, today is NATIONAL ‘LUCKY GREEN DAY’ … I’m inventing it!”

NATIONAL “LUCKY GREEN DAY” is a day when EVERYONE wears GREEN and … it’s kind-of-like St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving mixed into one.

On this special day, when you wear green, EVERYONE IS REMINDED OF WHAT THEY’RE ALREADY LUCKY FOR because, you know, we actually are really “LUCKY” and we already have a lot more than we appreciate!

The next thing you know, our entire family was wearing GREEN despite our starch resistance, and my continued grumpiness.

Suddenly, I was reminded of an inspiring quote by Oprah Winfrey.

Image Obtained From:  WWW.fabquote.com

Image Obtained From: http://www.fabquote.com

As I continued to shuffle around our home working, I noticed myself becoming more and more aware of GREEN everywhere!

I noticed a profound mental shift happening and I continued to become more and more mindful of GREEN!!


The more I thought about “Green” the more it APPEARED!

The more I thought “LUCKY” the more I felt “LUCKY”!

The more I thought about “GREEN” and “LUCKY” the more they became my reality!

Could my daughter’s idea be teaching me the reality of the appreciating what I already have and the Universal Law of Attraction and Thankfulness?  Yes, my daughter was teaching me the Laws of the Universe!

 Albert Einstein says it ALL!

Despite this awareness, and as the day went on, I noticed myself over and over again focusing on my “To Do List” and missing out on life.

Out of the clear blue, I suddenly “REALIZED” that there will ALWAYS be a “To Do List,” but I MUST take time each day to REALIZE, ENJOY, and be THANKFUL for what I ALREADY have…  TODAY… For by focusing on GOODNESS  … more GOODNESS will come!

The TRUE GIFT of LIFE is to allow more GOODNESS in each day and to be mindful and aware of what we ALREADY have!

National Lucky Green Day October 28 Ordinarymiracleoflife.com

National “Lucky Green Day”
October 28

In my daughter’s words, “Think about what we already are lucky for NOW, instead of what we hope for! Be Aware and Feel Lucky for What You already have! I put on my calendar October 28 for National “LUCKY GREEN DAY”… A day in the future that the world can celebrate! I hope everyone celebrates starting this YEAR!”

National Green Lucky Day October 28 Ordinarymiracleoflife.com

National “Lucky Green Day”
October 28

So, Just for TODAY… may we SEE, DISCOVER, APPRECIATE, and FEEL our own “LUCKY GREEN”!

May we become more AWARE of the things we ALREADY are “LUCKY” for “TODAY”!

Just as I started to enjoy the moment, my daughter runs outside to tell me:

“Mommy your song, The Climb, is on the radio!”  Tears rolled down my eyes again as I realized from my daughter that hardships will come and go, but I have to keep “Climbing” and “Enjoying” the “Journey” along the way … and for TODAY realizing and feeling very “LUCKY” for what I already have!

Please enjoy the attached video “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, The Official Music Video by Hollywood Records!

Happy National “LUCKY GREEN DAY”, October 28, Est in 2014 by A. Johnson

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Many Thanks and Blessings to:

Aspyn Johnson my constant inspiration!

Oprah Winfrey


Albert Einstein


Miley Cyrus

– Featured Musical Artist who inspires all!

Hollywood Records

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches:  Images of “Fresh and Fun”, and the “Man in the white hat with beautiful scrumptious produce” obtained from the photographs on the wall at this amazing restaurant.  Thanks to the servers who provided “FREAKY FAST” delicious subs to our family on our special, “LUCKY GREEN” day!

My daughter’s school district for the inspiring image “The World Would Be a Better Place if…”

My family and friends


Easy Meditation. This Universe– by Singh Kaur


Have you ever heard: “Oh.. everyone should do it! It is so great for you! It has so many benefits! It will change your life!”

So… I sit down, cross my legs, close my eyes and suddenly… I’m meditating and everything is great! My mind calms! I love it! I want more!

Wrong!!! Not for me anyway!

All I remember is everyone telling me how great it is… how it would benefit me!! But in reality, it didn’t seem to benefit me a bit!! I was uncomfortable, thoughts and worries filled my mind! I never wanted to do it again!

Then… one night, I was overwhelmed with worries, thoughts, and responsibilities. I was not enjoying life a bit! I was getting frustrated with my children, my home and my life! I had enough! I asked my husband if he could watch the kids for 15 minutes so I could spend some time alone. As I sat in silence on the floor of my bedroom, I realized that I needed to find another natural way to calm my mind and bring peace and quietness to my heart.

I began searching for songs on my iphone that were relaxing to me. I came across the song, “The Universe” by Singh Kaur… I plugged in my head phones, turned out the lights, laid in bed with my legs uncrossed, and my arms softly along my side. The music began playing.

I quickly noticed thousands of thoughts and tension throughout my entire body. I laid there and thought….”what in the heck am I supposed to do!!?” I guess I should get up and get things done! “No!…. this is my time and I deserve it!” So, I decided to give myself just 15 minutes to relax… let go of everything….just for this brief moment in time!”

I surrendered. I began noticing the beauty of the music. I began noticing my breath. I began to notice tension and calm in different areas of my body. I began noticing thoughts. Tension throughout my body began to soften. I acknowledged my thoughts… but, gave myself permission to let them drift just for this brief moment in time– realizing that I had no intention to solve anything for just 15 minutes! My breath started to become softer and softer, more and more fluid. As I slowly inhaled, I noticed that my breath was starting to calm my entire being. As I exhaled, I noticed tension and worries begin flowing outward— gently, slowly, softly away from me… even more… and even more.

As time passed, the music became more pure, more vibrant, more beautiful, more peaceful. Slowly I noticed the words and how they were intended for all… for me… I noticed myself becoming more and more calm, more and more still. Thoughts began slowing… tension became less… it was almost as I was becoming lighter and lighter…even more and even more…

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and realized what had happened to me. I was at peace. I was calm. It was beautiful. Could this be meditation? 20 minutes had passed. I granted myself permission to close my eyes again and listen to the music again. This time… releasing, relaxing and calming even more.

That night I slept like a baby! I woke in the morning and felt calmer than usual. It was the strangest thing… I still experienced my day and thoughts as usual, but… my baseline of peace, calm, joy and seeing the beauty in all was magnified…by maybe 1%. As time passed, I found myself asking for short periods of time alone…to listen to music, calm my mind, and release worries and tension to the universe. Sometimes I didn’t get anywhere.. and sometimes it became more and more beautiful!

Still to this day…I know a place that I can go that is peaceful, calm, all loving, and ultimately recharges my soul, my life and my spirit!

T.S. Eliot once said, “I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So darkness shall be light, and the stillness the dancing.”

May you give yourself permission for just 15 minutes! Enjoy!! bmj