Life Changing!!! Sam Berns Talks about LIFE!!! 

Check Out this Link!!!  It Includes Sam Bern’s TED Talk and the amazing story of how he changed my life!

What we think, do and say today has the potential to influence ourselves and others today and tomorrow!!!

What is really cool to me, is that I created the image under the link months ago after a gentleman gave my son a hand illustrated image of the Metatron Cube.  At that time, the words written on the image express how my son and I felt about the image and how it related to our life!!!  Even though Sam has passed away, his Legacy Lives on!!!   Enjoy!!!

See IT, Believe IT & Achieve IT!!!

I love this video clip titled  “Celebrities Talk About The Law of Attraction” created by!!!!! 

Always remember “If you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand!”  by Bob Proctor

What is YOUR Message?


Enjoy The Journey!


Thank you Dad for always reminding us to ENJOY the JOURNEY… Not just the outcome!!

Photograph taken by Brittany Johnson, 2014.


When you take time to appreciate something, you experience it in a very different way.

A few days ago, a friend, Barbara Sherwood, posted this amazing photograph.

At first I just looked at it and moved to the next…

As I moved to the next post I noticed a sense of peace in my body, mind, and soul.

I went back to the photograph again, this time to just examine the beauty of the photograph.

As I observed the stillness of the scenery, I realized the essence of simplicity…

My whole state of being relaxed and for a brief moment in time the world became crystal clear, crisp, divine and splendid.

I put my phone down and went about my night. Suddenly, I realized that my overall state of being had changed.

The experience of my night was changed at the exact moment that I decided to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful scenery … As amazing as it may seem.

✨Just for this brief moment in time may you discover the simplicity and beauty in those things or people that bring you peace, love, and happiness!

💫Many Blessings to Barbara Sherwood, featured photographer!

💫Many blessings to ALL!

💫Many blessings to YOU!

With Much Love and Light,