See IT, Believe IT & Achieve IT!!!

I love this video clip titled  “Celebrities Talk About The Law of Attraction” created by!!!!! 

Always remember “If you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand!”  by Bob Proctor

What is YOUR Message?


Essential Fuel. Optimal Nutrition.


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Frantically we scurry around town looking for Premier Fuel for our son’s COBRA MACHINE!! It’s a National Motocross Race and we really want to have the Best!! We need a MACHINE that Functions at the HIGHEST Level!

Suddenly, I realize that all I had had for breakfast was coffee…
NO time to eat!

Sound familiar? Do you ever get to busy and forget about good nutrition and hydration for your body?
I start feeling tired, low energy, dehydrated, irritable, less social, and my thought process really slows down.
Quickly, I start remembering my past and the poor choices I made in nutrition…and ultimately the way it made me feel.

How funny was it that this COBRA MACHINE reminded me about PREMIER FUEL!
Suddenly, I remembered some gentle ideas that had made a difference in MY LIFE!… In MY PERFORMANCE!… In MY STATE of BEING!


1.) Whenever you put something in your mouth, think…. “Is this PREMIER FUEL for MY Body”?
2.) Pay VERY close attention to how different foods and fluids make YOU f__e__e__L!
3.) Fill yourself with an ABUNDANCE of BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY and CLEAN energy fuel!
4.) Honor what your body needs and be truthful.
5.) If the truth is ice cream, hamburger, nachos…honor that choice and enjoy! The next bite is a new choice! BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF!
5.) Open your mind to new possibilities that may just make you FEEL BETTER! For me, Weight Watchers taught me soooo much about a balanced diet! Figure out what works for YOU!
6.) ENJOY foods, fluids, and fresh air!! They are essential to optimal functioning!
7.) Hydrate yourself with refreshing pure water. Continue to enjoy how you f__e__e__l! Likely, if you think you are drinking enough…You’re Not! 8 glasses a day!?
8.) Move your body! It Feels GREAT!! Try to do one little thing extra a day!
9.) Allow for DEEP RELAXING sleep! RECHARGE YOUR ENGINE!!! Truthfully, are you getting enough? Or, too much!?
10.) When Driving YOUR MACHINE, SMELL and SEE the DIVINE BEAUTY of ALL!! Including YOU!!

Just for today…
Choose to F__E__E__L GREAT!!
Choose to fuel YOUR body with PREMIER FUEL!!
Choose to make a difference in YOUR LIFE!
YOU deserve it!!

Many blessing to COBRA MOTORCYCLES ( and those associated including their photographer!
Many blessing to Weight Watchers ( and those associated!
Many blessings to ALL!
With love, bmj

(*This post, words, and advice is not intended in any way to replace medical advice from your physician. Please refer to your physician for individualized care.)