Statistics… Why Am I Writing this Blog??

Photograph by Brittany Johnson,,   Bend, Oregon, flower, poppy seed, nature, inspiration, wellness

Photograph by Brittany Johnson, Bend, Oregon

Ever experienced anger, anxiety, low energy, sadness, pain, frustration, irritability, emptiness, social withdrawal, loneliness, lost, hopelessness, guilt, overwhelmed, sleep and eating disturbances, low self-esteem, reduced libido, feelings of inadequacies or depression? Or..something else?
You are not alone. 
According to the 2013 Healthline Networks Report (

    -An estimated 121 million people around the world are currently suffering from some form of depression.

    -In America, 1 in 10 people at some point or another has suffered from depression.
    -Over 80% of the people who have symptoms of clinical depression are not receiving any specific treatment for their depression.
    -The number of patients diagnosed with depression increases by 20% per year.
    -Women are twice as likely to have depression and symptoms of depression as men of the same age.
So, What do we do???  Really!
I have waited 8 years to share my story because I wanted to attempt to come up with a solution!
Well, I have realized that it is much more complicated than just coming up with a solution!
Although I just said that, “You are not alone”…I have also realized that there isn’t just one treatment that works for everyone.
I really believe it is a multifactorial process and each person needs something a bit different.  But… a lot in common.
So, my goal in sharing my story is not to cure or treat anyone.  My inspiration is to be just another person in this world who voices a real story of hardships, ups and downs, and what has worked for me.  I believe everyone in this world has hardships… and I know everyone in this world, including myself, can learn and experience new ways of thinking and experiencing life.
This blog is intended for ALL.
You don’t have to have depression, anxiety, anger or any problems to read, enjoy and learn.
This blog is intended for ALL-  it is about wellness and optimization of life!
This blog is about life…Real life.
This blog is about gently shifting our spectrum of happiness, joy, peace, love and comfort from negative to closer to positive.  It is about learning how to increase pleasure and decrease discomfort… 1% at a time!
Be VERY GENTLE with yourself…change takes time!  But, it is worth it!!!
Now that I have realized and felt what it feels like to be on both ends of the spectrum of wellness, it is my hopes to help others learn new ways to continue to gently shift their spectrum closer to the positive side…the side that feels GOOD!
It is by “planting a seed” and giving appropriate love, nutrition and sunshine that one grows and prospers.
It is by “planting a seed” today that you may continue to grow and learn other new ways to help yourself to SEEK what works for YOU!!!
This blog may just be the seed that starts your journey!
Open yourself up to endless possibilities…they surround you every day… I can assure you of this!
We are intended to enjoy life and to feel good!
With Much Love and LIght, bmj.

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